Hosta 'Bridegroom'
Hosta 'Bright Lights'
'Hosta 'Brother Stefan'
Hosta 'Camelot
(H. Benedict/H. Gowen, 1990) M This is one of the most distinct hostas ever developed. Each plant produces heart-shaped green leaves which curl upward, while the sides of the leaf cascade downward. Purple bell-shaped flowers open in mid season. Site this fascinating hosta as a specimen where one may appreciate the intriguing beauty of its unusual form. Recipient of the 2004 AHS Alex J. Summers Distinguished Merit Award. (P. Aden/R. Klehm, NR) M This vigorous Tokudama type with thick heart-shaped leaves is probably one of the best variegated Tokudama on the market. Puckered gold leaves with a streaky blue margin draw garden visitors like a magnet. This choice hosta has white bell-shaped flowers in midsummer. (O. Petryszyn, 1998) L H. 'Brother Stefan' boasts large, heavily corrugated gold leaves with a wide dark green margin. A moderate grower. Near white flowers top the thick leaves in early summer. A spectacular hosta! (E. Smith/BHHS, 1988) M H. 'Camelot' has intense blue heart-shaped leaves with excellent substance and are slug resistant. Light lavender flowers in early summer. A nice choice for a specimen hosta.
Hosta 'Cameo'
Hosta 'Candy Dish'
Hosta 'Captain Kirk'
Hosta 'Cascades'
(Shady Oaks Nursery, 2002) Mini Hosta 'Cameo' is the last in the series of variegated miniature hostas derived from 'Baby Bunting'. Essentially the reverse variegation pattern of 'Pandora's Box' it features tiny round green leaves edged with a creamy-white margin. Tiny lavender flowers top the clump in early summer. 'Cameo' is particularly effective in a trough or rock garden, or along a path in the shaded woodland garden. NEW! (A. Summers/A. Wrede, 2003) S To describe this unique little hosta is like dipping into the candy dish with many different varieties to chose from. The green heart-shaped, thick substanced leaves are glossy with an intense ruffled margin. Then it shows off its purple petioles. Lavender flowers appear late summer. It has fast growth rate. (K. Brill, 1999) M Wider dark green leaves with heavier substance distinguish this sport of 'Gold Standard' from its parent. The golden leaf center contrasts nicely with the darker margin. Pale lavender flowers top the fast growing clump in midsummer. (W. & E. Lachman, 1993) M Hosta 'Cascades' is a spectacular hosta. It forms an upright mound with the end of each leaf cascading downward. Pure white flowers top white flower stems providing perfect harmony to the landscape display. Site this hosta as a specimen plant in the landscape or in the foreground of the hosta bed where its many fine attributes may be appreciated.
Hosta 'Cathedral Windows' PP#17,295
Hosta 'Cat's Eye'
Hosta 'Celtic Uplands'
Hosta 'Chartreuse Wiggles'
(Shady Oaks Nursery, 2005) L The domed, heart-shaped leaves of 'Cathedral Windows' glow from a golden-yellow interior. The wide, dark green leaf margin is significantly wider than the parent plant, 'Stained Glass'. Essentially a bright yellow version of 'Holy Moly', 'Cathedral Windows' is crowned with large fragrant near-white flowers in late summer. Bright filtered light draws out the best coloration on this vigorous grower. Asexual propagation prohibited by law. (Terra Nova, NR) Mini The cute leaves of this Japanese hybrid are a creamy-white edged by a green margin. This Hosta venusta hybrid is perfect for the rock garden or combining into a trough garden. Tiny lavender flowers top the clump in early summer. (Dean, 2005) L This vase-shaped plant has shiny dark green corrugated foliage. Unique spider shaped dark lavender striped flowers on red petioles in late summer. (P. Alden, 1976) S Very narrow wiggly yellow leaves comprise the miniature mound of foliage perfect for edging, walkways, or showcased into a rock garden. Lavender flowers top the clump in late summer.
Hosta 'Cheatin Heart'

Hosta 'Cherish'

Hosta 'Cherry Tart'

Hosta 'Chesapeake Bay'

(W. Zumbar, 1995) VS Hosta 'Cheatin Heart' forms a small mound of gold heart-shaped leaves. With its small size, it is a perfect choice for the rock garden or the front of the woodland garden. Small lavender flowers top the clump in summer. (Shady Oaks Nursery, 2002) Mini The third in a series of sports from 'Baby Bunting', 'Cherish' features round leaves with a streaky yellow center. The center fades to near-white by midsummer when the dwarf clump is topped by tiny purple bell-shaped flowers. 'Cherish' is perfect for the rock garden, dwarf bed, or front of the hosta border. (A. Scheer, NR) S Described as having prominent "lipstick red" leaf petioles, 'Cherry Tart' emerges bright chartreuse and brightens to a glowing yellow. The wedge-shaped leaves provide a lavender flower that tops the clump in midsummer. Nice specimen for the perennial garden. (O. Petryszyn, 2004) L Large "oyster-shaped" leaves comprise a large mound of foliage, reminding the breeder of underwater plants in a current when the leaves are moved by the wind. Near white flowers top the clump in midsummer.

Hosta 'Choo Choo Train'

Hosta 'Coal Miner'

Hosta 'Coconut Custard'

Hosta 'Corkscrew'

(T. Sears, 1999) L 'Choo Choo Train' features thick gold leaves that are wonderfully ruffled and in time will form a majestic clump 6 feet wide by 2-feet tall. Near white flowers are produced in summer. An awesome specimen plant! NEW! (O. Petryszyn, NR) L Leaves are upright, long, gracefully bowing, having a deep throat and unique dark color. It starts out a dark bluish-green coating with a very powder blue back. Mid-season it turns blackish blue, making the leaves appear as if coated with coal dust --reminicent of times past from West Virginia's coal mines. Grows quickly to nearly 3 feet tall. Slug resistant. An outstanding dark hosta that makes gold hostas look even brighter. (R. Solberg, 2007) VS A seedling of 'Blue Cadet' x 'One Man's Treasure', this amazing little beauty features waxy yellow-green leaves and a bright purple petioles that extend up into the leaf. Orchid flowers appear mid season. A special hosta for the front of the border or to give color to the landscape. (R. Solberg, 2003) S Hosta 'Corkscrew' has to be one of the most distinct green hostas to hit the market in years. Considered a "hybridizer's breakthrough," this Solberg introduction (H. 'Tortifrons' x 'One Man's Treasure') features glossy, dark green leaves that are twisted and curled like H. 'Tortifrons'. Pale lavender flowers top the clump in mid autumn. A specimen plant for the front of the border.

Hosta 'Cracker Crumbs'

Hosta 'Cutting Edge'

Hosta 'Daisy Doolittle'

Hosta 'Dance With Me'

(R. Solberg, 2002) Mini This fast growing sport of 'Shiny Penny' features wavy chartreuse-yellow leaves edged with a narrow green margin. Tiny lavender flowers top the 12-inch wide clump in midsummer. A nice addition to the popular group of miniature hostas.

(H. Gowen/H. Benedict, 1999) M From 'Salute' and Hosta pycnophylla displays a fountain of ruffled leaf margins arched and folded to reveal their white backs. The rippled blue-green leaves are topped with lavender flowers in late summer. A sensation of the 2000 American Hosta Convention and much in demand.

Hosta 'Daisy Doolittle' (G.R. Goodwin, 2003) Mini This charming miniature hosta from Indiana hybridizer Randy Goodwin features a wide creamy-white margin with a narrow green center. A choice candidate for a rock garden or container garden as the clump matures around 6-inches.

(Shady Oaks Nursery, 2002) M-L From 'Summer Music' comes the reverse of 'Last Dance'. Each yellow heart-shaped leaf is framed with a dark green margin. The heavy textured leaves are topped by pale lavender flowers in late summer.

Hosta 'Dancing Queen'

Hosta 'Dark Shadows'

Hosta 'Dawn's Early Light'

Hosta 'Daybreak'

(K. Terpening, 2005) L This attractive selection features broad, wedge-shaped leaves of a bright yellow with a wonderful rippled edge. Lavender flowers top the vigorous clump in midsummer.

(Shady Oaks Nursery, 2004) L Hosta 'Dark Shadows' features thick heart-shaped leaves with a gently ruffled edge. In early spring the emerging blue leaves have an uneven chartreuse-yellow margin that changes to green by early summer. Pale lavender flowers top the large clump in early summer.

(O. Petryszyn, 1998) M-L A brilliant lemon-yellow heart-shaped leaves are wonderfully ruffled and corrugated. In early summer light lavender flowers top the mound of foliage as the leaves darken to chartreuse-green. For intense dramatic spring color this hosta can not be beat!

(P. Aden, 1986) M-L One of the deepest gold varieties, 'Daybreak' has heavy texture and prominent veins. Lavender flowers top the clump in summer. This hosta makes an excellent specimen or a drift of gold accenting blue or gold margined types.

Hosta 'Deep Blue Sea'

Hosta 'Deliverance'

Hosta 'Devon Green'

Hosta 'Dragon Tails'

(C. Seaver, 1994) S-M One nurseryman wrote this hosta was "one of the most outstanding blues we grow ... to see it is to want it." It is unique with its very round corrugated blue leaves. Near white flowers top the clump in midsummer.

NEW! (T. Avent, 2005) M Hybrid of Hosta longissima 'Swoosh', 'Red Neck Heaven' and 'Elvis Lives'. The unusual pattern of the blue-green leaves shows off a yellow margin along with yellow stripes throughout the entire clump of leaves. Lavender flowers top the clump in early summer.

(A & R Bowden, NR) M Someone once said "it isn't easy being green," but this sport out of 'Halcyon' holds many fine attributes. Thick heart-shaped leaves have nicely impressed veins and a dark green color. Pale lavender flowers top the clump of heavy substance leaves in late summer.

(W. Zumbar, NR) VS 'Dragon Tails' forms a fast growing clump of long, narrow yellow leaves with a wonderful miniature wavy edge. The small clump would be equally at home in a rock garden, trough garden, or in a shaded woodland border. Lavender flowers top the clump in midsummer.

About the Hosta descriptions:

Mature Clump Heights: Mini (Mini less than 6 inches); VS (Very Small - 6 to 10 inches); S (Small - 10 to 15 inches); M (Medium - 15 to 22 inches); L (Large - greater than 22 inches). These sizes are approximate and will vary with soil conditions, climate and other environmental factors. Hardy in zones 3 to 9. The hybridizer and year of registration is listed in the description.