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Thank you for visiting and welcome to our website! PSI-Shady Oaks Nursery is proud to provide growers with many new varieties of Hosta, Agave, Heuchera, Yucca and many other new and exciting perennial liners. We are commiitted to the quality of plants we send by combining tissue culture technology with great plants. Our unique collection of liners will help set your product line apart from the others by quenching your clients' thirst for the new and interesting additions to the world of horticulture. Shady Oaks Nursery has teamed up with Plant Source International to broaden your choice with high quality spring vegetative, herb and specialty Geranium cuttings.

Hosta 'Touch of Class' PP#13,080

Heuchera 'Miracle' PP#20,274

Hosta 'Cameo'

Agave 'Blue Glow'

Agave bovicornuta

Agave 'Fatal Attraction'
Aloe aristata

Sarracenia 'Red Bug' PP#13,412

Yucca 'Color Guard'
Succulent liners (and miniature hostas) make great dish/trough gardens!

Succulents such as agaves, yucca and their close relatives give a distinct variation to any garden site. Most often they are found in dry, hot conditions. Surprisingly enough, some can also tolerate cold climates and wet conditions provided there is sufficient drainage. There is still more to learn on the limits of some of these succulent plants. In the northern climates where the light is less intense, especially indoors, the succulents grow at a slower rate and can make beautiful dish gardens for home and patio settings. This middle dish garden planted with our Agave pot. 'Kissho Kan', Agave f. 'Fatal Attraction', Agave x leopoldii, Agave sch. 'Shira ito no Ohi', Echeveria r. 'Topsy Turvy' is an example.

With thirty years of experience, PSI-Shady Oaks Nursery has evolved to be a reliable wholesale perennial supplier to the horticulture industry across the US and Canada. All plants are grown in soil-less mix for easy transport across state and international lines. Canadian orders are shipped primarily via FedEx and are brokered by FedEx for efficient delivery to your door.

Propagation is performed in our own tissue culture lab to ensure you of quality. The tissue culture process brings you many of the newer and the higher demand varieties that are many times hard to find. Tissue culture also provides a very clean and uniform stock. New varieties are tested for viruses before brought into the lab to ensure a disease free process. Custom propagation is also performed. Watch this U-Tube video produced by KSMQ TV to learn more about our tissue culture production: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g0jicK9ZwkQ

Our greenhouse facilities with up-to-date environmental controls provide ideal conditions for producing the highest quality plants possible. Our dedicated and experienced staff is committed to providing high quality, uniform and true-to-name plants. All of our plants are produced internally to eliminate outside sources of disease and or pests. This ensures that your nursery stock is not put into jeopardy when you are bringing in new plant material.

Contact us to learn more about our plants and receive our full color catalog. Wholesale inquiries only please.

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